Monday, July 16, 2012


Just spending a few days in Houston.

I saw the following photos and some childhood memories popped into my mind that I had to share.

I grew up with a plethora of pets...two bunnies included*. 
Scratchy and Penelope

For some reason I saw the above image and the film The Secret Garden came to mind. Have you seen it? Also, who can forget the film A Little Princess? Total tearjerker. <3

This is me when I go over to Melissa's house. I was so excited to find banana nut bread in their freezer last night. One of my all time favorites growing up and now.

Heading back to NYC soon.

How was your weekend?



*full pet list: gerbils, hamsters, fish, snakes, turtles, guinea pig, dogs and now we are down to one cat, and yes, kourtney kardashian named her new baby girl after one of my childhood rabbits - duh :) i started that name trend a long time ago honey, tyvm

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