Tuesday, July 24, 2012

nyc moments

Five little hidden gems in NYC.

Monochromatic New Yorkers.

Story of my life - hehe.

If you live in NY, you've undoubtably had a New York moment. One where you shake you head after, say only in New York, and go on with your day. Whether it's sharing a great conversation with an old woman at Forty Carrots (brought together by frozen yogurt), seeing three celebrities (Alec Baldwin anyone?) in one thirty minute walk down to the Lower East Side, or going out for casual drinks with friends and ending up dancing on tables at the Dream Hotel solely because someone knew 'someone' who knew 'someone'. Those moments are too precious/touching/hilarious not to share.

Don't let those moments go to waste. You can share them here with the New York Times and be featured in their Metropolitan Diaries. So for all of my fellow New Yorkers out there - go ahead - let's get published!

See you in a NY minute,



PS - Feel free to share your NY moment in the comments section!

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