Monday, April 30, 2012

weekend recap

Here's just a few pics + stories from this past week/month.

Power walking in my neighborhood with Allyce, and we couldn't help but stop and take a picture of gas prices. My dad wants to sell my high school car, and I'm a little attached and told him to just ship it up here! I miss driving. I LOVE to drive. My friends call and it basically isn't a question of who's driving because I always offer. I already see myself honking at all the cabbies, weaving my way down 2nd ave, and zipping over all the bridges (all the while the view will be zooming out and a great Sara Bareilles song will be playing in the background - just like a movie!)So we just started playing around/joking about sending it to NYC (um like I could actually afford to pay for a parking spot), but after I sent him a picture of the gas prices - his response..."I'm selling it, and I'll get you a bike." 

Went to a baby shower for a friend. She is doing a whale themed nursery, and this is one of the shirts I almost purchased at Giggle in Soho (adorable baby store BTW). I ended up with an adorable whale onsie with snaps up the front instead. It be a stylin' baby. 

The flowers are out in full force at the farmer's market! Gorgeous.

Wine and cheese class at City Winery. Numnumnum. My fave was the Rioja Crianza, Lopez de Heredia, Cubillo 2005. The Lopez de Heredia family founded their bodega in 1877 and it's been one of Rioja's top wineries for over 130 years. We took notes in our wine journals - NBD.

Just listening to my (thanks to Allyce for getting me addicted) new fave band Two Cent Jazz Band in CP. They play right at the entrance to the Mall on the weekends - so if you're ever over there keep an eye out. I shouted out a request for Allyce and then we got a little personal performance, ie: each member walked over and started playing right in front of us...the guy in the hat said "I hope you're embarrassed." Truth - I was!

New cookbook I want to purchase (Kendall's fave) - oh and my nails are currently a teal! It looks better with two coats. 

Weekday wine and cheese night with my gals. Just some rosemary bread from Amy's, truffled polenta (inspired by our favorite dish at Lela Bar), lemon cucumber water, fig jam, cheese from Amsterdam, and cinnamon sugar baked chickpeas. Oh, and Chilean spicy red wine (excellent choice Alicia!!) It didn't last long.

What have you been up to?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

brunchy sunday

What are your plans for this beautiful Sunday?

Brunch is by far my favorite weekend treat. Here are some yummy brunch recipes I would love to try:

caramelized tomato tart tatin
I have made this and it's beyond amazing!!

brown butter pumpkin pancakes
I have made these too...two words: browned butter. It's
all you need to know.

baked eggs
One of my favorite brunch dishes.
Balaboosta and Maialino are my go-tos for this dish. 

sweet potato homefries
I basically live
off of sweet potatoes.

lemon ginger scones
I'm obsessed with scones.

I think I need a bigger kitchen ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

starry night

I love New York, but sometimes I miss being able to see the stars  at night and having those serene, picturesque moments of silence.

LIEF, $42

Do you ever star gaze?

Monday, April 23, 2012

red skirt on a rainy day

We are having a few rainy days here, but no reason to not look cute. I found an inspiration pic below - I can't help but love a pop of red! I think she's in leather boots, but I'll trade those in for my rain boots!

Alexander McQueen, $1,195

Aubin & Willis, $120

Aurora Lopez Mejia, $8,820

Officina del Tempo, $780

Antipast, $38
Alexander Wang, $545

Isle Jacobsen, $198

What do you wear on a rainy day?

Friday, April 20, 2012

happy friday

Happy Friday!

wish i was still here... 

expecting rain on sunday,
and this is what i'll be up to

skirts without tights?!
oh spring time - my favorite

Interesting article on going vegan. Could you do it?

Bahah...if you're single

Some handy tips if you'll be traveling this summer.

If you're buying a new laptop soon, here's a guide.
(I love my MacBook Pro!!)

Dying to try this recipe out sooner rather than later. 

For those of you who love Schmidt on New Girl.

And so proud of my friend Maggie's hubby Jonathan. He was quoted in the NYT yesterday, and was on the radio in Houston. Balla'!



images via: 1, 2, 3

Thursday, April 19, 2012

friendship bracelets

Did you ever wear friendship bracelets growing up? They were quite the hot item in elementary school, and I went through my fair share. I had a few from Claire's (the half heart anyone?), and some from Limited Too (I lived for that store). I believe you're never too old for a friendship bracelet and here are a few of my faves. 

Gorjana, $68

Isabel Marant, $165

And why not just make your own? 

More on that to come.

Did you ever own a friendship bracelet?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

see don't look

To continue the conversation of beautiful spring flowers, I have to share with you some amazing photographs taken by Jeff, my good friend Rebecca's husband. He takes amazing photos and records them all on their blog See Don't Look. I think he is beyond talented and can easily see these images gracing my bedroom wall. Here's a bit of a sneak preview:


all images via: see don't look