Wednesday, November 28, 2012

oh hey there

Sorry I've been absent as of late, but had to drop in to wish you a happy hump day!!

I'll be back fo sho - fo sho next week with some fun new posts,
but for now I'll leave you with these few, little gems.

Fabulous work bag. Mary-Poppins in size, NYC power girl in look.

This article reminded me of our book club book Heart of the Matter.
I found the article so interesting and could see myself being that 20 year old throwing down ultimatums.
So interested to hear your thoughts...

Who wants to eat with me here this weekend? AND what took someone so long to do this?!
(truly vanilla oats are my go to at the moment)

I love her and loved reading this article. Girl power!

Lela Rose dress pretty please.


That is all.



Friday, November 16, 2012


simple, i like it

melissa this is for you

so intriguing, love erdem

new to the LES, sounds delicious

my favorite savory dish at ABC Kitchen

maybe the morning after thanksgiving? num

i always wanted a pet monkey/amazing photo

looking up dance songs to request for a friends
wedding and this list of hits surprised me, 
what would you have thought to be #1?

Plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

xo for how much

A kiss from me to you on this
lovely Wednesday morning.

SO funny.

Maybe I'll go get a Master's Degree
so I know he'll let me splurge on dessert.

Interesting clip from the full article:

“Of all the major cities surveyed, New York is 
the only one to value Brown-eyed girls the most.” 

I think we all know green is the best and these men are obviously delusional. OH, and I'll take that $255.75 date now, or just buy me a cookie and we'll call it a day. If you really want to splurge, I'll take a coffee too.

Thoughts? Favorite eye color on guys?


Monday, November 12, 2012

another monday...

i want a dog...and will dress him just like this!
(i think he would fit well in this film)


rag & bone leather skirt and top

stud earrings

Nina Ricci flats - OBSESSED.

Mark Forgione - I'll be back for dinner here soon - so delicious!

Weekend recap:

weekend jam 
(so soothing)

made some cookies

gossiped at a fun bar

brunched - so delicious!!

played (and lost- womp) this game

planning to rent this next weekend

wandered around Bryant Park holiday shops

hit up a few shops in TriBeCa: 1, 2, 3

What were you up to this weekend?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

you light up my life...

A little song for you...

Find another one of our 
performances here.

To live.

To wear.

To visit.

To listen.

To love.*



*I would if I could. Sadly no room for a furry friend at the moment.
Sigh, hopefully one day soon. They are taking donations.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

going home

i miss my closet

i miss my bed

here i come!

I am so happy to be going back to my apartment.

I've enjoyed my time in the UES, but it's a different vibe. Each neighborhood is truly a different little town, has it's own personality and people tend to take pride in where they choose to live. Even out last night, my roommates and I spoke with a young man with a backpack strapped on and his first words, 'I have a backpack on because I don't live here. I'm from the Village.' Our response in unison, 'we live in TriBeCa!!' We then began to discuss how we felt a little out of place. Sigh, someone who understands...

What can I say? **I'm a downtown girl at heart although I will miss waking up to this.

Sing it Petula.



**ps- I want to say thank you to all my UES friends for putting up with my downtown lovin' this week. I'm headed home so you don't have to hear it anymore. You just have to come visit.