Saturday, November 3, 2012

going home

i miss my closet

i miss my bed

here i come!

I am so happy to be going back to my apartment.

I've enjoyed my time in the UES, but it's a different vibe. Each neighborhood is truly a different little town, has it's own personality and people tend to take pride in where they choose to live. Even out last night, my roommates and I spoke with a young man with a backpack strapped on and his first words, 'I have a backpack on because I don't live here. I'm from the Village.' Our response in unison, 'we live in TriBeCa!!' We then began to discuss how we felt a little out of place. Sigh, someone who understands...

What can I say? **I'm a downtown girl at heart although I will miss waking up to this.

Sing it Petula.



**ps- I want to say thank you to all my UES friends for putting up with my downtown lovin' this week. I'm headed home so you don't have to hear it anymore. You just have to come visit. 


  1. i am so glad you get to go home!!! can't wait to see you xx

  2. yessssss same!! so glad you got to fly home...sandy can't mess with us!