Friday, November 16, 2012


simple, i like it

melissa this is for you

so intriguing, love erdem

new to the LES, sounds delicious

my favorite savory dish at ABC Kitchen

maybe the morning after thanksgiving? num

i always wanted a pet monkey/amazing photo

looking up dance songs to request for a friends
wedding and this list of hits surprised me, 
what would you have thought to be #1?

Plans for the weekend?


  1. 1. i love the dog. i think that is going to be my new attitude. must find a beret first.
    2. i read yesterday that erdem says that there are hidden secrets in all of his cool! lets study them and swoon sometime soon. of everything, please!
    3. i love how your notes at the end are in the shape of a tree. that is all

  2. 1. YES, um i saw a girl with a slouchy knit beret the other day = my new obsession and i'm on the hunt...will keep you informed
    2. that's amazing!! let's study them soon - i'll wear my new hipster glasses and we can sit in a coffee shop - also LOVE:
    3. hahaah i am so glad you saw that! the holidays are comin'