Wednesday, August 31, 2011

sunday lust list...(on wednesday!)

Since I was MIA this weekend, I have decided to back track and post a Sunday (now Wednesday - oops)Lust List featuring leather duffles. For all of those who don't plan on purchasing the scooter, or want a more chic, polished look at the airport, these beauties are for you.

Vintage Hermes - sigh.
JCrew, $475
Tuscany Leather, € 200,82 - comes in multiple colors!
Tuscany Leather, €170,10 
Bottega Veneta, $2100
The picture doesn't do this one justice. It's gorgeous.

Rag & Bone, $195
Masculine, but I love it.
With jeans and a crisp white button down - classic. 
Givenchy, $2480
Love the dual colors.
Lanvin, $2290
Love the rugged look and longer top handles - makes it easier to carry.

Do you solely use rolling bags, or are you a fan of the leather duffle?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

the perfect piece of 'luggage'

I recently traveled home, and while packing I couldn't help but think I need a bigger purse/tote to travel with. I ended up taking both a small backpack - more on my fave leather backpacks later - and my usual black leather purse. Yet, let's be honest, it just wasn't working. I think a Celine Luggage bag would be much more appropriate. Don't you think?

FW11 (I'll take the coat too.)

The Luggage Bag was created by Celine's artistic director Phoebe Philo. The simplicity of the design makes me love the bag even more. It's available in three sizes, mini, medium, and oversized (the size I need for travelling!), and comes in many different colors and fabrics. Shown in it's natural habitat below.

Are you a fan of the luggage bag? Which one is your favorite?

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

best rolling bag - literally

I was going to do a lovely post on chic leather duffel bags, my go to carry on bag, until I found this great invention. I have definitely had a few close calls with flights - talking my way through security lines, running down the terminal, barely making connections, etc. You know the drill. I know what I will be asking for this Christmas...

 Also, is it just me or do the golf carts at airports drive you crazy with the drivers screaming from behind you to "please watch the cart?" Um, now it's going to be more like please watch out for my scooter. Just think how fast you can go on the moving walkways! No more running through airport terminals to catch close connections/flights. Pure bliss. Do you think I need a bell too? Will have to look into this...

Have you ever barely made a flight? Are you a scooter fan?

Micro Samsonite Scooter here via Severely Glamorous

Friday, August 26, 2011

friday birthday boy

I have a feeling Tom Ford is one of those men who will just continue to get better looking as he ages. I wanted to wish you all a happy Friday and wish Mr. Ford himself a happy birthday! Today he turns 50.

Lookin' good - as always.

Fun fact: Did you know that Tom Ford was born in Austin, TX? That's right, he's a Texan at heart.  

How will you be celebrating Tom's birthday this weekend/what are your plans?


Thursday, August 25, 2011

anna's advice

I think Anna has some wonderful words of wisdom for future "influencers." Forbes interview below - enjoy!

What are your thoughts on Anna Wintour?

video via evanchen212

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

colorful travel inspiration

I have decided that my next trip will be to the Northern Netherlands to see the tulips. I love flowers, and the colorful tulip fields look like pure bliss. Outfit inspiration on the right. Gorgeous Erdem dress.
More Netherlands flower images here

Have you been to the Netherlands? What is your next trip locale?

images via: tulips, dress

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

documentary love

"fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life"

I am dying to see this documentary on Bill Cunningham, the famed photographer behind the Times Style section. I believe he is the true originator of the street style phenomenon.

Sadly I missed the film while it was in NYC. Good thing it comes out in September on DVD. If you still want to see it on the big screen here is a link to the show dates below. 

Have you seen the film? Do you have a favorite documentary?

image, video

Saturday, August 20, 2011

lusting after...

I am loving this Annina Vogel arrow necklace. Dianna Agron is wearing it on the September cover of Cosmopolitan. I think it is a perfect layering necklace, or just wear it solo. 

necklace via: here

Solo just get's me thinking...such a catchy song.

Friday, August 19, 2011

v is for vendredi and...

Valentino! I will forever always have a special place in my heart for Valentino, his love of pugs, his ability to design the perfect red dress, and his strive for perfection. Although he retired from his label in 2007, it is my go to inspirational collection for romantic, chic and truly beautiful clothing. If you have not yet seen the movie The Last Emperor, which captures Valentino's life leading up to his final show in Rome, I strongly suggest it.

Eager for fall, I have chosen a few of my favorite looks from Valentino's FW11 for inspiration. I need to go shopping. 

Bon weekend!

What are your favorite trends for fall?

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

nordstrom hits the big apple

The one store I love to visit when I am home is Nordstrom. I love Nordstrom. It's never crowded. It's not too big, and it's not too small. It carries a great selection of merchandise, and sometimes they have a piano player to add to your shopping experience. I used to say in college that Tiffany's is to Audrey as Nordstrom is to myself. If I had a stressful test, Nordstrom, stressful week, Nordstrom.*

So imagine my excitement when I learned that NYC is getting a Nordstrom of its very own! We have a Nordstrom Rack, but it just isn't the same. The new store, entitled Treasure and Bond, opens this coming Friday - August 19th, 2011 - and 100% of the profits will benefit NYC charities. I do need a dress for an upcoming wedding, and since it all goes to charity? know where I'll be this Friday.

More info and images of the store here

What's your favorite department store?

*I would like to add a disclaimer that I am very much a browser and love to see what's out there. I was by in no way shopping away my worries. I was was very much like Audrey - window shopping.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a little vintage love

Yesterday, I explored a chic look inspired by the 50's, and today I am still very much stuck in a vintage haze. I stumbled upon the gorgeous white dress below while searching through Etsy. It led me to Allen Company Inc. which is a vintage boutique based out of Allentown, PA. Along with their Etsy store, they also have a lovely blog found here. They offer a wide selection of gorgeous vintage items. Below are a few of my favorite pieces.

I see a few alterations being made,
but all in all perfect for spring/summer.
Chanel-esque, n'est-ce pas?
A short fur jacket is on my must have list for winter.
Chic and simple.
The perfect high waisted skirt.
Do you shop vintage often? What are your favorite vintage sites/stores?

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