Sunday, August 14, 2011

sunday lust list...

Did you know in France they only have two sales - les soldes - per year? They are regulated by the Minister of the Academy and Finance. More on that here:

Good thing the U.S. has sales year round. What would I do with my weekends?

I kid, I kid.

Some of my top summer sale finds below:

Need Supply Co.,  $29.99 -
may have just ordered mine...
LA Made, $37.00 -
looks best tucked in
Lush, $22.90
J.Crew, $88 -
love this wash!
Joe's Jeans, $69.99
J.Crew, $29.99
 Anthropologie, $49.95
Madwell, $69.99
Madewell, $29.95
Madewell, $79.99
Aqua, $60.34
ASOS leather bomber jacket, $94.81

I didn't want to leave your furry friends out of the shopping extravaganza, and since winter coats can get quite expensive, be sure to snatch this one right up!

I am usually not a fan of Juicy, but this was too cute to pass up.
Love the stuffed animal model they use - such a stud!

What is the best item you've purchased on sale/your best find?

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