Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pillow talk with rosalind

Today I have a guest blogger! I am excited to introduce you to Rosalind - seen here as Rule #8, just busting out a few moves at a wedding. I wouldn't expect anything less. Rosalind was shopping for throw pillows for her bedroom, and I asked her to document her finds. Enjoy!

Time for a little pillow talk! And by that, I mean an actual discussion about pillows (And don’t lie to yourself, that is not what you thought I was going to say next...don’t worry my mind went there too when Blair asked me to write this story). So for all those people out there that want a little pillow talk before the actual pillows—and who doesn’t, really?-here’s a story one of my male friends, let's just call him George, told me over drinks the other week:

Over the course of discussing how crazy girls (and I am no exception) can get, George described a situation with a girl from school. He met her at her apartment for drinks one night and ended up spending the night. He claims they did not actually “spend” the night together, if you know what I mean...Anyways, in the morning, as he was driving home, she sent him a text message that said “I love you.” 

B: Who does that? 
My mind automatically jumped to Gigi from HJNTIY. 
Desperate much?

How far into a non-relationship, relationship do you think it is acceptable to say “I love you?” Hopefully for most of you that was a rhetorical question that does not require the obvious answer. For the rest of you, see the “non-relationship” qualifier used to describe the “relationship” above. 

Now on to more important things like shopping for pillows. I have slowly been decorating my room. For me, that means picking out the simplest white bedspread I could possibly find at Pottery Barn. I like clean lines and have an obsession for all things nautical or striped, but today I found some really great printed pillows that may just push me out of my comfort zone. I am especially obsessed with the one from Anthropologie. And remember ladies, if you ever feel the urge to say “I love you,” to a boy after the first date, there is a less crazy option: say it to your gorgeous new pillow instead. Happy Wednesday!

ABC Home, $45
Thomas Paul
Anthropologie, $29.95
West Elm, $29

Thanks for sharing Rosalind!

What color scheme is your bedroom set? Do you have multiple pillows on your bed?

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