Sunday, August 28, 2011

the perfect piece of 'luggage'

I recently traveled home, and while packing I couldn't help but think I need a bigger purse/tote to travel with. I ended up taking both a small backpack - more on my fave leather backpacks later - and my usual black leather purse. Yet, let's be honest, it just wasn't working. I think a Celine Luggage bag would be much more appropriate. Don't you think?

FW11 (I'll take the coat too.)

The Luggage Bag was created by Celine's artistic director Phoebe Philo. The simplicity of the design makes me love the bag even more. It's available in three sizes, mini, medium, and oversized (the size I need for travelling!), and comes in many different colors and fabrics. Shown in it's natural habitat below.

Are you a fan of the luggage bag? Which one is your favorite?

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