Saturday, August 27, 2011

best rolling bag - literally

I was going to do a lovely post on chic leather duffel bags, my go to carry on bag, until I found this great invention. I have definitely had a few close calls with flights - talking my way through security lines, running down the terminal, barely making connections, etc. You know the drill. I know what I will be asking for this Christmas...

 Also, is it just me or do the golf carts at airports drive you crazy with the drivers screaming from behind you to "please watch the cart?" Um, now it's going to be more like please watch out for my scooter. Just think how fast you can go on the moving walkways! No more running through airport terminals to catch close connections/flights. Pure bliss. Do you think I need a bell too? Will have to look into this...

Have you ever barely made a flight? Are you a scooter fan?

Micro Samsonite Scooter here via Severely Glamorous

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