Tuesday, August 2, 2011

L train skinny jeans

I love skinny jeans - so chic, n'est-ce pas? Yet, I love them as a girl. I am not a big fan of guys in skinny jeans. Yes, we are all proud that you have zero body fat and the legs of a 5 year old girl, but does mean you should parade around in them in public? Not so much.

This video shows a guy exiting an L train station. I was walking behind him and couldn't resist taking a little video. I mean seriously how he did he get those jeans on? They are like a second skin! One will always wonder...

Below are a few of my fave skinny jeans - for women, yet probably worn by men as well. What can I say, I don't blame them. There are some really cute styles...

J Brand
J Brand
Which We Want
J Brand
Emerson Made

Do you like skinny jeans? Does your boyfriend/guy friends wear them? (be honest!)


  1. Reminds me of Conan's jeggings

  2. omg hahah sooo true....totally need to post that one...and then will come baby spanx!