Thursday, December 29, 2011

i'm dreaming of a white...

New Year's Eve!

Inspiration - Rosie Huntington Whiteley in a Max Mara Spring 2012 dress. I know it's from a Spring collection, but have I ever told you I'm just not that patient?

rosie in max mara

or for something a little different...

What will you be wearing for NYE?

Monday, December 26, 2011

shopping away...

I'm running off to Saks to see if I can find anything fabulous and sparkly for NYE! I'll let you know if I have any luck. XOXO

PS - all photos are from Vogue and Coffee...check it out:)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Hope you get to spend this time with loved ones and friends. Sending you all virtual hugs, and a little caroling tune that I just can't resist.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

holiday letterpress cards

You might be thinking it's way too late for a post on holiday cards, but seeing as how last year I sent my Christmas cards out in July (no joke) this is way ahead of schedule for me. I'm actually quite impressed with myself and just put in an order for my cards. The ones I ordered won't be posted here as to keep my friends surprised, but here are some of my other top letterpress faves for the holiday season.

for all those holiday bakers out there

Love Actually anyone?

I watch it every year. It never gets old:)

Did you send out holiday cards? 

Monday, December 19, 2011

my wish list

Here's my wish list. I'm below on the far left with Rebecca and Farris (my two fave Nashville girls). This picture was taken at Bec's rehearsal dinner. Good times, good times.

my wish list:

14. a puppy for my family in Houston
(although I would love one in NY, I just don't have room!)


What do you do?
I spend time with friends, work a corporate job by day, blog by night and take each day as it comes.
What do you love most about Christmas?
I love that it is a time to spend with family. I love the smell of Christmas trees, holiday lights, hot chocolate, and listening to Christmas songs.
What's your favorite family holiday tradition?
My favorite tradition is helping cook for our Christmas Eve meal. 
How did you decorate for the holidays?
Last year my roommate and I bought a tree, but this year we just haven't had time! Luckily, there is a beautiful tree waiting for me at my house in Houston.
Where will you be spending Christmas?
At home in Texas:)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

melissa's wish list

Melissa (far right) and I will be reunited in 5 days and counting!! Can't wait. She is shown below with her mamma and her cousin Natalie - two of my fave people in the world. Natalie is actually getting married today and sadly I'm missing it. Boo, but I wish them all the best and can't wait to congratulate her over the Christmas break.

Melissa's wish list:

Perfect for the cold wintery lounge look. Thinking beyond Dec. 25, this will be apart of my Jan 1 look - sweater leggings, sunnies and plenty of coconut water to recover from celebrations. 

2. Frye Melissa Button boot - Named for me. 
Obviously they belong sitting next to my monogrammed stocking on Christmas morning.  

I wish I was hip enough to pull this off/wish I lived in a climate that calls for a hat or was outdoors to require such accessories.

-editor's note: Miss we both know you can pool this off - no problem.-  

It might a little late since stylish celebs have been sporting since April, but the leopard print scarf needs to be added to my growing scarf collection. BossLady is wearing one today, so chic. Note: this is her third day in a row to wear something leopard printed.

5. bird hunting belt - a, b

I am also looking for a western style bird hunting bag belt. Might need to be custom made by a saddle maker. Will keep you posted. Had to spice up your blog a bit with some country flair. 

Thanks Miss - miss you.

See ya soon!

Friday, December 16, 2011

fallon's wish list

Meet Fallon, or as I call her Falafel or Fal, shown below with her nephew Charles.

Fallon's wish list:

New datebook fillers for the 2012!

 I can always count on one of these from my mom who knows how much I LOVE my coffee!

black power booties (Blair says every girl needs a pair)

perfect for new years, simple with some sparkle

A puppy popping out of a box with a big red bow tied around his neck.

A red and green plaid wool infinity scarf perfect for chilly evenings.


What do you do?
I sell cashmere to the ladies of the Upper East Side while simultaneously producing my future talk show in my head. (brought to you by NBC!)
What do you love most about Christmas?
Lights! On a tree, hanging on a house, up in the sky, wrapped around garland, decorated in a church, hung in shopping windows...
What's your favorite family holiday tradition?
Eating my Nona's (grandma in italian) famous-most-delicious-passed-down-from-Italy lasagna on Christmas Eve morning with my family :)
How did you decorate for the holidays?
The [three] christmas trees went up on October 29th (hey, if it snows, it means it's christmas time) and then after Thanksgiving, we put up the rest of the stockings and lights!
Where will you be spending Christmas?
Christmas day (and the days before and after) will be spent in the 'lake-effect snow' area of my lovely hometown in Saint Joseph, Michigan with my dad's side of the family! Then I will be having a post New Years Christmas celebration with my mom's side of the family down in beautiful and sunny Florida!

Thanks Fal. Great list - I mean what can I say...