Tuesday, December 13, 2011

whitney's wish list

Meet my fabulous friend Whitney, seen below sporting red lips and sparkles - obviously! Also, check out her amazing blog CityClectic Design here.

Whitney's wish list:

1. chocolate truffles

- editor's note: they give out samples of the no chewing allowed truffles at almost all of the christmas markets in the city...you could say I have circled through the union square market more than a few times just for the free samples. They're amazing! -

2. bib necklace

5. blender

7. tall warm socks


What do you do?
Commercial Interior Design 
What do you love most about Christmas?
Family time, wrapping presents, white twinkle lights, and my mother's decorations - they're always breathtaking and elaborate in the classiest way.
What's your favorite family holiday tradition?
I have two: 1) My dad always hides a little pickle ornament in the tree and my brother and I race to find it...whoever snags it gets to open the first present and hand the rest out. (We still do this even though we're way past a plausible age for such a thing). 2) We always drink eggnog and rum when we put up the tree and decorate.
How did you decorate for the holidays?
I set up a tree and hung ornaments and stockings with my roommates...while playing Christmas music and dancing around the room, of course!

Loving the pickle ornament tradition - thanks Whit!

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