Saturday, December 17, 2011

melissa's wish list

Melissa (far right) and I will be reunited in 5 days and counting!! Can't wait. She is shown below with her mamma and her cousin Natalie - two of my fave people in the world. Natalie is actually getting married today and sadly I'm missing it. Boo, but I wish them all the best and can't wait to congratulate her over the Christmas break.

Melissa's wish list:

Perfect for the cold wintery lounge look. Thinking beyond Dec. 25, this will be apart of my Jan 1 look - sweater leggings, sunnies and plenty of coconut water to recover from celebrations. 

2. Frye Melissa Button boot - Named for me. 
Obviously they belong sitting next to my monogrammed stocking on Christmas morning.  

I wish I was hip enough to pull this off/wish I lived in a climate that calls for a hat or was outdoors to require such accessories.

-editor's note: Miss we both know you can pool this off - no problem.-  

It might a little late since stylish celebs have been sporting since April, but the leopard print scarf needs to be added to my growing scarf collection. BossLady is wearing one today, so chic. Note: this is her third day in a row to wear something leopard printed.

5. bird hunting belt - a, b

I am also looking for a western style bird hunting bag belt. Might need to be custom made by a saddle maker. Will keep you posted. Had to spice up your blog a bit with some country flair. 

Thanks Miss - miss you.

See ya soon!

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