Wednesday, November 14, 2012

xo for how much

A kiss from me to you on this
lovely Wednesday morning.

SO funny.

Maybe I'll go get a Master's Degree
so I know he'll let me splurge on dessert.

Interesting clip from the full article:

“Of all the major cities surveyed, New York is 
the only one to value Brown-eyed girls the most.” 

I think we all know green is the best and these men are obviously delusional. OH, and I'll take that $255.75 date now, or just buy me a cookie and we'll call it a day. If you really want to splurge, I'll take a coffee too.

Thoughts? Favorite eye color on guys?



  1. What?! Brunette? And brown??! Psssshhh, we all know the Nordic look reigns supreme. Always has, always will. BOOM.