Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Talking with a friend this weekend about world travels, and I mentioned my love for Paris, and he asked why aren’t you there? Best question I’ve been asked in a long time.

Although it may just be Wednesday, and I may just be staring away at my computer screen for another day, we can always dream we are elsewhere…

he wants to live in Paris with me

Amazing video...

I thought I'd share one of my favorite Paris moments:

Waiting in line at Chez Omar to eat some of the best couscous in Paris, not far from my apartment, and of course my mom strikes up a conversation with the group in front of us. We soon learn that Chez Omar is also known for their French fries which our new friends share with us when we end up getting seated next to them at one of the large community tables. Oh and also, they happened to be German fashion designers in town for fashion week. They kindly invited us to their show. My mom sadly was flying out the day before, but I popped over to their atelier the next day to grab my invite. Flash forward to the show, held at an old Parisienne elementary school, just casually standing in the back and my German friend from school (he spoke 5 languages, chain smoked, and was always dressed just right – sigh) walks in – cheek, cheek – what are you doing here? Oh, I just hang out at these things. He was there with a friend studying fashion in Milan, of course. We all sat in the front row and gossiped away. Sigh, parfait, n’est-ce pas?

Where would you like to be on this lovely Wednesday?

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