Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Pour pratiquer votre français:


Adorable...thanks to Fal for sending. 

I am a huge supporter of learning a second (third, fourth, fifth..) language. I wish I had learned another language when I was younger because you have the ability to absorb it much quicker. Anyone who knows me has probably heard me give a quick speech on how I feel that all Americans should learn more than one language,  and how I'm jealous I'm not european and naturally grew up speaking five. In our ever-expanding global economy I feel a little behind knowing only one language and would love to have the ability to help anyone who is interested in learning another - especially young children who can learn them so readily. Which brings me to my second point below.

More importantly - my friend Jessica introduced me to a great non-profit called the Global Language Project. GLP gives disadvantaged elementary school children the opportunity to become proficient in a second language in order to help them compete in a globalized workforce and world. I am all for this mission! Watch their mission video below - amazing!! Also, I've included a link below so you can learn how to get involved.

Do you speak a second language? If you could speak another language what would it be?



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