Saturday, November 5, 2011

moncler puffer please

The two chillin' I sometimes babysit for on the weekends both have little Moncler puffer jackets. Um, I wonder if the ten year old little girl will let me borrow hers. Hmmm...

I fell in love with the brand a year ago when I was working at a bakery in Soho and a women had on a gorgeous purple short puffer Moncler jacket. I asked her about it and she said she was actually a model in one of their shows (I mean go figure) and that they let her keep the jacket. Obviously purple isn't usually people's first pick, but I loved it. I'm sure they'll ask me to be in the next runway show any day now...just waiting ;)

The ones I would prefer to model are below.

it just looks warm...bliss

this is a classic - i love it!
if you're questioning the shine
you just have to see it on...
it's amazing

um...cape + puffer
what more could one want?!

high neck - key for those 
windy ny streets

Do you own a puffer jacket? A Moncler?

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