Monday, May 21, 2012

to aruba with allyce

Kicking off the summer trip series is Allyce, and guess where she's going...
Next Stop: ARUBA!

I’m about to spend a week with my family vacationing in Oranjestad, Aruba!   Sunshine, palm trees, the beach, QT with my sister, big family dinners – what more can a girl ask for?
Aruba has nearly perfect weather – 81 is the low, yes LOW, for the week ahead.  I’ll be soaking up all of the bright sunshine I can get – while sipping fruity frozen cocktails, of course! ;) 
I’ll be lounging on the beach, snorkeling, and floating along in the lazy river. Don’t hate!  I’ll spend my days in bikinis and cover-ups and prance around in maxi dresses at night.

My beach bag essentials:
 ipod, beach hat, sunnies, some Australian Gold tanning lotion (& the moisture lock lotion for after sun too, smells tropical & amazing!), & my new book How to Love an American Man.  I convinced Blair to read it and she loves it, so I’m certain I fly right through it!

Forever 21, $12.80

Splendid, $140
Tory Burch stationery, $60
(has cute hammocks on it! perfect for notes home)

Australian Gold, $10.49

Marc by Marc Jacobs, $188 
Haute Hippie, $225
Lisa Maria Fernandez, $435

When I step back into reality, I’ll be sure to share some of my warm weather love from Aruba!

Thanks A! 

Who am I going to rollerblade with all week and get yelled at with by all the bikers in spandex because we decided going the opposite direction of traffic was a good idea?! "You're going the wrong way!!" - we know. Smarter park decisions to be made upon your return. Soak up some sun for me/you know I'd be all over that floppy hat.


What's your favorite beach destination?

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