Sunday, May 20, 2012

a trip down travel lane

Summer vacays are one of my fondest memories from childhood. My family was all about the road trips. Oh the long hours spent in the car with the whole family - so priceless, and folding down all the seats in the suburban so that you could set up a small box TV in order to play video games with your older brother - so ghetto. It was good times, thus I've decided to do a summer trip series featuring the trips of my friends and family. Tomorrow Allyce will start us off with her trip to Aruba, but for now I leave you with a few of my fondest memories from my past travels: 

 -floating around at the Turkish baths in Budapest-

-canoeing and eating wild blueberries with my family during summers at Ojibway-

-huffing and puffing while pushing our bikes up a hill towards the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco because my friend's brother told us 'everyone does the bike ride over the bridge, and it's super easy'...LIAH-

 -continually floating towards the surface while scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef off of Hamilton Island because the dive instructor didn't put enough weights on my belt...where's Blair?-

-eating gelato (get pistacho!) multiple times a day with Melissa in Florence-

 -dancing at a large earth day concert in Rome with my friend Laura, oh there's a large obelisk, nbd- 

-learning how to properly eat a lobster and how to build fairy houses on Roque Island with Rebecca, Farris, and family-

-snorkeling with Melissa (and a shark!) on Abaco Island-

-biking down Haleakala in hilarious yellow suits(and getting freakishly sunburned....Maggie!)-

-drinking white russians while Robin busted out some dance moves at our cafe table in Paris with Maggie and Sara-

-eating a seafood feast and chatting about Houston with David, a lovely elderly jeweler who picked up on my southern accent on the streets of Mykonos and then proceeded to take my friend and I out to dinner, leading me to my conclusion that Greeks are by far one of the friendliest cultures-

-getting a free beer (because it matched my hair) at our local falafel stand in Santorini (at 11am)-

-choosing cheese to take back home to the states and having my dad ask the sales man helping me at the cheese shop if he was single (I guess Forrest figured we had similar interests, too bad he was um...around 50! Age range Forrest, age range)-

I've been fortunate enough to have been to some wonderful places, but NGL (not gonna lie) it's the people I'm with that make the experiences worth while. Who's down for a summer vacay?

Locales currently on my bucket list: Istanbul, the South of France, Amalfi Coast, Tokyo, Barcelona

What are some of your fondest travel memories?

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