Monday, September 10, 2012

weekend recap

This weekend I...

spent lazy mornings at home - 
still unpacking* from my move,

brunched** with a friend,

perused fall clothes at some of
my favorite stores,

slept in late,
(Clare Elsaesser prints)

finished a good book and started another,

found my new neighborhood bar,

and discovered (thanks Hillary!) my new
favorite outdoor hangout - I love
living so close to the water.

Such a great weekend and looking forward
to a wonderful week.

Future: Will be dining here (squid ink pasta please!), grabbing a drinks at this bar, and organizing a fun night out for a show soon.


What did you do this weekend?

images via: home, tiny'sceline, quote, sleeping, books, smith and mills, photo via roomie Hillary
*may have gotten too distracted by the end and beginning of a few good movies being
watched in the living room to have actually accomplished anything productive
**they played the best music - loved it!


  1. so glad I could be a part of this! had the BEST day on was just what I needed. Thanks, love

  2. of course and same here - now i just want to download tons of oldies songs!! loved that music following us around all day:)