Thursday, February 14, 2013

linzer love

A NYC Valentine's Memory:

When I first moved to NY I worked at a small little bakery in SoHo. On Valentine's day they made the most delectable homemade raspberry linzer heart shaped cookies. The cookies were very delicate (made of almond flour) and if one broke or even cracked, we couldn't sell it. Well a lot broke just in the daily doings of our job - oopsies - so I offered to kindly take the broken ones off of their hands (I think I was the cookie's biggest fan.) I just remember walking down West Broadway on a way to meet a friend in Central Park looking around and thinking 'suckas, I've got $18* worth of linzer cookies in this bag for FREE.' Of course I told my friend I would share some linzers with her, truly because that would mean I'd actually have to still have some by the time I reached the park, but oh man...I ate A LOT of linzer cookies on that subway ride. Linzers for lunch. Holla'!

I mean I know they say VDay is all about the love, but really it's all about the linzers.

Make your own with this recipe.

Please share a Valentine's Day tale in the comments below.

Happy VDay.



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I truly don't remember how much it costs, I do remember trying to calculate in my mind the total though, as each cookie was $2.75 or something ridiculous. Pic of bakery linzer cookies here

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  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I love everything about this post! Makes my heart smile...I remember those sweet (crumbled) linzer cookies all too well. And our darling (stolen) snowman. And filming a documentary on how (not) to build a snowman. Take me back!!!