Friday, July 29, 2011

put down al!

At first thought this was a wax Al - and on Today we stole Al's replica from the wax museum down the street - but no it's the real one with buff hottie Ryan Gosling doing the (not so heavy anymore - go Al!) lifting. Can't wait to see Ryan's new movie Crazy, Stupid, Love out this weekend!

Are you a Gosling fan?

Fun Friday musings: 
1. Harry Potter hilariousity - Love this and as my friend mentioned, we are fans, but would not be able to come up with enough HP names to fill a phone book! Must start memorizing for when this moment presents itself to me...
2. True Blood, not so much true love - So excited. Alex is a free agent...why doesn't he live in NYC?
3. Smart woman - Oh, I only hope to be such a great mother ;)
4. She just didn't see it coming - For those who can't put their phones down for one second.
5. Funny TV segment - Just because I laughed and hope you will too.

Yay for the weekend!


  1. Hi Blair! So happy to have found your site! I love the eclectic fashion, home, recipe, thought montage!

    I missed the "Al lift" on the today show! Must not have been in the first hour. One thing I am SO thankful for is the Today show podcast! I can download the first hour after it airs. I walk Madrid and list to Matt, Ann and Al. Makes me feel close to home! :)

  2. So glad some of my random e-mails made the cut... I feel so special :)