Tuesday, July 19, 2011

longer letters later

Wanting to write a little thank you this morning I realized I didn’t have any classic ‘go to‘ thank you stationery. So the hunt led me to these little gems at missive's store on Etsy. Letterpressed to perfection with a little monogram sass equals pure love. Check out their other pieces. Love the Merci Beaucoup cards as well. You know anything in French just steals my heart…
*B is for Blair - and I have the same stamps! Love them.

I also think letter writing is going out of style and I have decided to bring it back. Am busting out my good old stationery that I found at the bottom of my book shelf to write a few letters to some dear friends of mine who don't happen to live in the city. Who doesn't love receiving mail?

Do you still write letters?

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