Thursday, July 21, 2011

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When I saw this gadget on the kitchn I knew I had to have it! The amount of times we have set off our smoke alarm is .... probably too embarrassing to share. I guess that's what you get when you live in a tiny apartment and you kitchen is literally in a hall way - or as my dad refers to it a 'galley kitchen.' The whole apartment can heat up pretty quick.

This little birdy will give you a friendly chirp to let you know it's getting too warm inside. It is your pre-smoke alarm warning system. With little chick-a-dee around you won't run into any awkward situations of having your neighbors knock on your door to see if everything is okay because your smoke alarms have been going off for five minutes. Lucky them, they find you standing on a chair, with a large box fan not even on right next to you (mental note: invest in extension cord), trying to frantically disconnect said smoke alarms. They just look at your like you're a little crazy and tell you it is illegal to disconnect them. Um, I already knew that - strike one for next door neighbors questioning my intelligence.*

Here are a few of my other favorite kitchen birdy finds:

*We have two alarms that are literally two feet away form each other. If I could just get rid of one...

Have you ever set off the smoke alarm? Any stories?

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