Friday, January 13, 2012

bestie filled weekend

Guess who's coming to town today?!

I'll give you a hint... 

I've known her since I was 5! We finish each others sentences, like to be a bit ridiculous, quote random movies like Serendipity and Wedding Crashers, may have watched Grease one too many times way back in the day, still like to rollerblade, used to play Mario (old school - all summer long), used to drive around in the Runna' before Glenda came to be, can't imagine life without jack and daniel, survived the 'oscar is evil' phase of life, like to eat chocolate ganache straight from the bowl, love to chat up randoms, and hang out with Lau-ra and David. All I can say is...

...there are no words.

We have known each other forever and can basically communicate telepathically - so watch out. Seemingly innocent, yet double trouble.

Here's to best friends!


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