Friday, January 4, 2013

white wonders


 New sleeves.

Love this article on Girls.
We've all had those random outfits that we spent so much time planning only to look back and think what was I thinking?! 
Can't wait for the new season!

I tend to read the health section of the NYT daily. I love their Recipes for Health which focuses on one ingredient or category for a weeks worth of recipes. Ever since I started running I also find their exercise and general health articles very interesting and informative. Read this quick article to get a recap on some of the health discoveries from 2012. Here's to hoping 2013 brings me a treadmill desk and good thing this is one of my favorite activities.

Do you wear rouge? I love red lipstick especially in the winter or fall. Sometimes I do feel it gives me that little boost of confidence. I also tend to wear a lot of solid, muted colors so a little pop of brightness never hurts. Here are some expert opinions on the subject. What are your thoughts?

One brand I'm quickly becoming obsessed with.

Such a pretty room.

bis bis


  1. when we live in London we can frequent the Joseph boutique in Notting Hill. so delicious...
    the place makes me want to rub my face in all the Alaia dresses. just saying...

  2. Num num num!

    Notting Hill here we come.