Thursday, September 8, 2011

back to school

Today classes start for grade schools in Manhattan. My roommate Liz is teaching 9th grade geometry, and I went and helped her shop for teacher supplies yesterday. The Staples was full of children shopping, and I couldn't help but feel nostalgic towards my school days. I used to LOVE shopping for school supplies, organizing my binders, finding out who was in my class, and getting the first homework assignment (I know total dork - but not ashamed!) School supply memories:

my first grade class picture
(I am wearing a home sewn vest with dogs on it. A classic:) 
Elementary School:
  • My Strawberry Shortcake lunch box
  • Getting those pre-made school supply packs on your desk the first day
  • Class roster posting day at school. The lists were posted outside the main office with the name of your teacher and classmates. (Not supply related, but very important.)
  • I'm sure there were lots of stickers involved
  • I don't remember my backpack. I think JanSport was quite popular though?
Middle School:
  • L.L. Bean monogramed backpacks take center stage (mine was hunter green)
  • The Dr. Grip pen fad (anyone? anyone?)
  • Those pencil bags that were three hole punched and went in your binder
  • 3"-4" binders that we carried on our hip to all our classes
  • Brown bag lunches
  • Vera Bradley gym bags (mine was a red print)
High School:
  • Running into friends after the first day of class at Office Depot
  • Pens. They weren't allowed in middle school.
  • Multiple small binders and folders
  • Five Star spirals
  • School planner - love
  • Combination lock. I had mine all 4 years and still know the combination.
  • Longchamp, Herve Chapelier, and Jon Hart bags were all the rage

Although I am no longer in school, here are some school supplies I think we can all still appreciate and use.

Do you miss shopping for school supplies? What were the trends in your day?

• Stay Classy, Pink
• Awesome, Red
• Create Happiness, Orange
• Adventure Awaits, Yellow
• Explore. Dream. Discover, Green
• Oh Happy Day, Blue
• I Blue Myself, Blue
• Happily Ever After, Purple
• It's Mind Bottling, Black
• It's Business Time, Black
• You Cheapen Me, Gold
• We Are What We Make, Gold
• Stay Classy, Silver
• Son of a bee sting!, White
• I'm Kind of a Big Deal, Brown
• That's What She Said, Neon, Random assortment
• This has been in my ear, Primary colors, random assortment
• Better Together, Pastel Colors, random assortment
• Happily Ever After, purple
• All you need is love..., red
• ...Love is all you need, hot pink

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