Monday, September 12, 2011

cocktails with karl

He's at it again ladies and gents. Karl has joined forces with the renowned Swedish glass company Orrefors to design his own 16 piece stemware set. Each piece is handblown and comes with it's own glass coaster. Karl believes in ring-free tables. Read more about it here in his interview with Architectural Digest.

KL: "Glasses ruin the surface of a table."

Karl, what can I say? You're a man after my own heart - along with Monica Gellers. Video below.

Champagne anyone? 

You can view the entire KL Orrefors collection here

Do you have a favorite stemware collection? How do you feel about KL's glass coasters?

*RBar - You have the perfect cocktail shaker, and I think we just found the perfect glasses. I wonder how Orrefors feels about registries. ;)

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