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Joanna over at A Cup of Jo is currently focusing on different topics pertaining to NYC. I couldn't help but pass along her cute post about hailing a taxi, and I must say I laughed aloud at some parts. I love that she mentioned that New Yorkers do not make any facial expressions when hailing a taxi. 

Liev Schreiber and his son are pros.
I had never thought of this before but it's so true. When I need a taxi, I'm usually on a mission and have a million other things on my mind and the last thing I'm thinking is smile for the taxi. Also, I feel like you have to be aggressive. A friend once told me that you are truly a New Yorker when you learn to fight for your cabs. Here are my personal taxi tips.

1. Strategic location: Don't stand on the same corner as someone else. Walk the extra avenue to catch a cab going your way - uptown or downtown. Also, walk the extra block or two to get ahead of someone else waiting for a cab.

2. Yelling 'taxi!' only works sometimes - mainly in Sex and the City episodes. I rarely do this - only in desperate, my-hands-are-full situations. A kind citizen once hailed a taxi for me by yelling. I was carrying my newly purchased bedside table, an umbrella, and my purse while wearing a suit...and it was pouring rain. I was grateful for the help. It was one of those NY moments.

3. I agree with Joanna that you need to be in the street. Even without your hand out it makes you more visible, and sometimes off duty cabs will stop by to see if your destination is on their way. 

4. Don't steal someone else's cab. It's bad karma, but by no means do you let them steal yours. 

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5. I hate to break your heart, but sometimes cabs are not the fastest option. 5 o'clock traffic can be a nightmare, but on the positive side, traffic just means you have time to sneak in a little romantic moment:)

Do you take cabs often? Any tips?

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