Tuesday, October 18, 2011

october favorites: roasted chestnuts

Fall/winter brings upon one of my favorite items: chestnuts. I LOVE them. I remember last year I could tell you exactly which grocery stores sold them, who sold the best ones, and how much they were. Some people have late night chocolate runs, I get chestnuts. In big cities you can typically find a street vendor selling roasted nuts in popular, touristy areas. There are a few near the park and 5th Avenue in New York (57th and 5th to be exact). I may or may not have been a frequent customer there last winter - it was close to my office at the time. Afternoon snack? Yes, please.  

"Marrons!  Chauds, chauds les mar-r-rons!" 

Also, they line the streets of Paris. I distinctly remember buying some outside of Galleries Lafayette. So if you are in either of these two cities, and need a warm treat, grab some roasted chestnuts - you won't regret it. 

You can also always roast your own, but watch out as they burn quickly as do most nuts. Heat the oven to around 350 and make sure to mark an X with your knife on the flat side of the nut so they won't explode (true story). The edges will start to curl and the nuts will soften. I ten to poke them with a knife to test them out. Yum.

'X' marks the spot

What's your favorite fall/winter treat? 

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