Wednesday, October 5, 2011

october favorites: scarves

I was chatting with my friend Maggie this weekend, and she passed along a cute tale of getting ready for a day with her hubby on Sunday. She said she was getting ready to go out and put on a scarf, jacket, and may have grabbed some gloves? She thought to herself that she might be going a bit overboard for 60 degree weather, but who can resist?! I am the same way. One wisp of cold, and I pull all of my scarves out of hiding. There is nothing I love more than securing a scarf around my neck to keep me warm. Truth be told, I live in snoods, or infinity scarves as some call them. Both options are below. In terms of print, I tend to veer towards leopard.

Burberry, $750
Pockets! Pockets and sparkles!
The perfect combination.
Ralph Lauren Black Label, $1000
Shearling trimmed cashmere snood -
really what more could you want?
I don't know, I just don't know.
Joseph, $417 
I just want to cuddle up in this scarf, 
and since most of my coats are black
red is the perfect pop of color.
Old Navy, $16.94
Ann Taylor, $68 
YARNZ, $188
Nina Ramone, $120
Multiple color options!
Warehouse, $38.41
DVF, $250
I know it's similar to the YARNZ one above,
but I feel like it's a little more sophisticated. The other
one is more for a casual look. It's all about options!
Paula Bianco, $105
Theodora and Callum, $175
It's a snood! Fun, easy
way to kick up your outfit. 

Are you a snood or scarf gal? Can you wear scarves yet where you live? 

PS- I'm starting knitting classes next month. I'll keep you updated on how long it takes me to knit an oversize infinity scarf.  

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